『 At the beginning, we could only create small and simple paper-cut artworks, as we were still unfamiliar with the techniques and craftsmanship of paper-cutting. However, as time passed, we gradually mastered the skills of paper-cutting and gained more confidence.
With the increasing demand from our fans for larger-sized hanging artworks, we began to challenge ourselves by creating larger pieces, pushing the boundaries of our technical skills and imagination.
Did you know? In the process of creating large-sized artworks, we encountered various difficulties and challenges. Unlike ordinary Tarpaulin PVC printed banners, creating large paper-cut artworks presents unique challenges. 


          『 Firstly, our designers need to redraw the artwork and incorporate more colors and design elements. This is because when the paper-cut artwork becomes larger in size, there will naturally be more blank areas, requiring additional design elements to fill them in. This results in more intricate carving and a longer design process to ensure that the artwork is exquisite and visually striking.
Once we understand the requirements of our customers, we must invest a considerable amount of time and effort. The production process for a large artwork involves numerous steps. 
Firstly, we need to conceptualize the desired effects, gather references, draw, select suitable paper, color coordination, layout composition, ensure the paper thickness can support the structure, determine the frame size, weight, and color coordination, and assess if the existing card size is sufficient. If not, we need to order custom sizes. All of these require meticulous preparation and countless adjustments to ensure that the final product meets the customer's expectations. 


                  『 Secondly, as our artworks are handcrafted, three-dimensional, and layered Feng Shui hanging artworks, they are artistic pieces. This means that we need to spend a significant amount of time and effort on each detail.Once the customer approves the sample artwork, our team immediately begins the production process, which requires meticulous attention to detail. From printing, paper cutting, carving, paper sorting, cleaning, pasting, adding thickness for layers, each step requires extremely delicate handling. If any part of the process is damaged, we have to start over, which consumes a considerable amount of time.
When the paper pasting process is completed, we will start assembling the selected cardstock and framing it according to the customer's specifications. The most important part of assembling the frame is cleaning the glass to ensure it is completely transparent and free from any dust or dirt residue. A good artwork does not tolerate any dust or dirt inside the frame.    
                 『  Furthermore, we require all materials to be of high quality, including specially customized high-grade golden wooden frames. Because a good hanging artwork can be preserved for a long time without deterioration, yellowing, or insect infestation, we pay great attention to using high-quality materials for production.
Typically, framing such large-sized artworks can also be very labor-intensive. As our wooden frames, combined with glass and layered paper-cut artworks, add weight to the overall piece.Imagine lifting and packaging a large and heavy artwork intact requires both skill and physical strength.This increases the difficulty and challenge of producing large paper-cut artworks. 
Although we encountered many challenges in the process of creating large-sized artworks, we did not give up. Instead, we worked harder to learn and experiment, continuously improving our skills   


                    『 Ultimately, we successfully completed some amazing large paper-cut artworks.We deeply appreciate the trust and support of our customers, which gave us the opportunity to work harder and persist to achieve today's breakthroughs. Every effort and endeavor were worthwhile, as they brought us immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement.This is an experience that cannot be described in words, only felt with the heart ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚