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Framed 3D Car Paper Carving Artwork

Framed 3D Car Paper Carving Artwork

Exceptional Collectible Value

Frame up your life's dreams and achievements in exclusively carved paper models, and show your family and friends your desire for dreams, your cherishing of memories, and your pursuit for a tasteful life.

Paper Carving Artwork

The various parts of the car are carefully hand drawn before being carved by high-tech laser engraving and cutting technology. Then, they are painstakingly build up and framed by hand.

Elegant Three-Dimensional Artwork

Turning the physical model into paper carving artwork without losing its threedimensional sense. The concept of the model is meticulously illustrated in the artwork, while the grid lines and data below serve accuracy purposes. Finally, a small nameplate engraved with the owner's name and date is affixed.

Exclusive Nameplate

Special metallic and lightweight nameplate; the duo-toned metallic plate will not fade or oxidize.

Quality Assurance

Each artwork is made from high quality, premium materials, undergone strict testing, double quality inspection, and integrated with various technologies to create a perfect dream car board.

Durable Preservation

We use special acid-free paper for laser engraving from Germany and imported high-grade solid wood photo frame as the sealing frame for the artwork. This premium quality paper has good wrinkle and folding resistance to effectively keep the artwork antioxidative and thus, a longer storage period.

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