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    3D Landmark Building Paper Framed Art

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    Customers can provide us with photos of their buildings to facilitate our designers in completing the drawings. Our designers will strive to restore every detail of the building as much as possible, and only proceed to the next step when the customer is satisfied.

    Our designers will personally help you match the appropriate mounting board and frame for your paper sculpture artwork. Each customer has only three chances to make changes to the drawing.

    Please contact us via Whatsapp at +60 12-638 8927 for more details.

    This artwork is made up of various high-quality papers and techniques.

    Paper Art :
    Made of special paper imported from Germany - high-quality acid-free paper with a particularly smooth and pleasant touch. It has good rigidity and resistance to folding and high anti-wrinkle properties. This series has passed FSCTM certification.

    Used collectible-grade German-imported art paper Hahnemuhle 310 Matte Fine Art Paper, which has excellent aging resistance and can be stored indoors for decades. The frame is made of high-quality solid wood.

    High-quality solid wood frame.

    From the consultation to the confirmation of the artwork, the designer starts to calculate the time to design your work. The work will be completed within about 1 month to 1 and half months. After the customer is satisfied, the delivery will be arranged.

    Shipping rates are subject to change based on the region and state of the shipping address.

    West Malaysia shipping will be around RM20.

    East Malaysia shipping will be around RM60

    Delivery and delivery time depend on the address.  Learn More

    The above photo is an example of the artwork we have created. If you are interested in learning more or would like to request a customized piece, please WhatsApp us at +60 12-638 8927.
    We can discuss the size, materials, and various details of the custom piece during the conversation. The actual price may vary depending on the customer's requirements.

    Each building is composed of walls, roof, doors, and windows. Regardless of their simplicity or complexity, they require careful planning and meticulous design. Iconic buildings around the world have unique designs, and so does the art of paper sculpture.

    Having this 3D Landmark Building Paper Framed Art can add cultural atmosphere and artistic taste to your home. Each artwork showcases our passion for architecture and our exquisite paper carving skills. Placing these exquisite pieces in your living room, study, or office not only adds an elegant touch to your space, but also allows you to appreciate the beauty of architectural art and the depth of historical culture.

    Key Product Features

    Displaying an exquisitely designed paper carving art piece in your life showcases your appreciation for aesthetics and your pursuit of a refined taste in life to your family and friends.

    The piece also holds high collectible value, making it a valuable addition to any art collection.

    A paper carving art frame commemorating a landmark building records the glorious history and exquisite design of the landmark.

    Turning it into a finely detailed paper carving artwork is a way of preserving the architectural features and culture, as well as showing admiration and respect for the landmark building.

    Using a combination of hand-drawn illustrations and high-tech laser engraving and cutting techniques, various components of the building are produced.

    These are then carefully assembled by hand to create a paper carving artwork, which is then framed. The paper carving art form is used to faithfully recreate the unique design of landmark buildings, showcasing the intricate details of the architecture.

    The paper carving art frame is both aesthetically pleasing and dignified, with its design, color scheme, and material selection tailored to showcase its unique features and convey a variety of overall styles and moods.

    The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail demonstrate the exceptional quality and artistic expression of the artwork, resulting in a sophisticated wall decoration.

    The paper carving art form adds an exquisite three-dimensionality to the artwork while retaining its sense of depth. Incorporating the concept of a model into the artwork, the precise lines and data at the bottom highlight the clear significance of the piece.

    Each piece of artwork is made with high-quality materials that undergo strict quality control and double inspection to ensure their excellence. Combining various techniques, a perfect paper carving art frame of a building is created.

    More Features

    A paper carving artwork is created by layering pieces of paper to form a unique and three-dimensional architectural masterpiece.。

    Studying and researching every detail of the architecture, to recreate its exquisite and unparalleled design.

    A specially designed background image, along with a write-up about the unique story and history of the building, makes it a commemorative and artistic piece.

    Always keep the artwork clean and maintain its accuracy consistent with the original building.

    Solid wood frames and paper with good wrinkle and fold resistance can help preserve the artwork for a longer period of time.

    Our works

    Sultan Abdul Samad Building

    Penang City Hall

    Malaysia National Palace

    Paper carving art - Not just limited to this

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