In the previous issue, we shared the sources of our creative inspiration, with [ The Sunshine in Life ] being one of the series resulting from it. This time, we present to you the splendid and unique creations born from the combination of paper sculpture and vintage lens photography.

In each photograph, we aspire to break free from the confines of reality and unleash boundless imagination and creativity. Consisting of 30 pieces, this collection is not merely a magical journey of paper sculpture art but also a perfect fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics.



When classical art meets contemporary innovation, paper sculpture art stands as the finest testament. For this project, we specifically utilized a vintage lens from the 1970s, exploring depth-of-field and bokeh photography techniques. By combining the bokeh effect captured by the vintage lens with contemporary paper sculpture, we aim to present a visually captivating experience unlike any other.

The lens in question is a silver vintage lens, the Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f/2.8. Its unique charm lies in its ability to capture images with remarkably dense grayscale, seamlessly alternating between black, white, and gray to fill the frame exquisitely. Furthermore, its flaw lies in its perfection. Leveraging spherical aberration enables it to create a soft-focus lens that excels in portraiture while maintaining sharpness in landscapes. Additionally, the deliberate utilization of light refraction principles gives rise to the "bokeh balls" with swirling, unique bokeh effects, all of which make it a cherished asset.

We selected this lens because we knew it could capture unique bokeh effects, showcasing another facet of paper sculpture art. By merging vintage lenses with modern paper sculpture art, we aim to present our audience with a visual feast,ensuring that the beauty of art is displayed in its most flawless form.
We want to share with you that tradition and modernity can coexist, and their combination only results in a more stunning aesthetic.

We believe that the fusion of tradition and modernity is not just an external aesthetic but also a profound cultural heritage and a touching of the soul. Each artwork represents our pursuit of beauty, our passion for art, and the embodiment of the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

We hope that when you see these works, you not only sense the presence of beauty but also feel the positive energy emanating from our studio.。

# The following showcases our artwork. For a deeper dive, head to our Facebook page.