【The Intention of Happiness – 3D Mood Light Jewellery Box】


~The inspiration comes from every girl who is longing for sweet and romantic love deep in her heart, and she hopes to have a love story of her own. In fact, in the world of love, everyone has the right to pursue happiness. When you meet the right person, you must cherish it. Therefore, the founder of the brand was inspired and wanted to use the innovative way to create a beautiful and story-telling gift: the 3D mood light jewelry box was created.




~The founder of the brand uses the latest paper craving technology to create a series of very delicate and detailed paper sculptures to represent a beautiful love story. Because it is original, every piece of work takes a long time to design out.




~To find more inspiration, we spent a lot of time searching for information and took out many imperfect works. Finally, through careful creation by designers, each original image is designed based on a romantic love story.




~Then use the laser cutting paper carving technology to make 3D paper carving works more delicate and perfect presentation.




~In addition, for the aim to express the eternity of love, in the design of the box, we especially adopt a wooden window design style. Because the wooden jewelry box is more durable, bringing out the courage to pursue the eternal spirit of love.




~ Inside it is a small night light, what a decorative beauty.




~We also spend a lot of time researching the finest wood panels and have passed countless quality tests to purchase the best quality materials, from the selection of paper, wood panels, LED lights, etc. All are handmade. Such intricate and delicate handwork needs to be checked and adjusted one by one from all sides, and every step is fully paid attention to until the most perfect work is completed. Layers of the paper ensemble create a three-dimensional sense of depth, making it difficult to look away from it.





~Every piece of paper sculpture and every jewelry box represents a love story, with beautiful scenery and a romantic fairy tale theme, all are unique creations.




~In every love story, there are warm memories. Each work is the painstaking creation of the founder, and it carries the most sincere blessings. I hope that those who receive this kind of gift will find their happiness. ❤️。



~  The things we do are always fascinating  ~


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