【Romantic Love Story - 3D Mood Light Jewellery Box


~Paper carving art originated from the Han Dynasty. The ancient paper carving art developed gradually but never fade away.~

The most common form of paper carving is light and shadow paper carving lamps, which often use layers of carved paper to create a three-dimensional world. By inserting a warm light in it, the yellowish light penetrates through the layers, projecting warm and chic silhouettes.




#3D Paper Carving Wooden Jewelry Box ~ Initially, paper carving art was chosen to present the three-dimensional window design gift box of Waves of Love because the art of paper carving is a facinating collision of minimalism and extreme complexity on a piece of transparent blank paper. By incorporating the designer's creative designs with the fineness of 0.01mm, the carving is done by laser to make the artwork more exquisite and delicate.




~Each piece is an artwork that has been handdrawn stroke by stroke by the designers themselves.  Then, the latest laser cutting technology is used to make the 3D paper carving crafts more delicate. By integrating beautiful love stories with modern laser paper carving technology, a series of very delicate and exquisite paper carving artworks are created, representing the perfection of every romantic love story.




~Exquisite and practical paper carvings Wooden Jewelry Box can be produced by laser cutting machines. All you need to do is to design the desired pattern on the computer. Then, the cutting machine would recognize the input file and cut it to precision on the specified paper.  Hence, an ideal shape is created.




~Every art piece is lifelike, as the use of intricate designs and creativity breathes soul into the sculpture art.

It's like sharing the secret of this love story. ~#Beautiful Touching Love Story of Paris.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is love. Many people seek different ways to express their loyalty to love.




The Eiffel Tower which is the designer's manifestation of true love, is also said to be a testimony of love; a symbol of loyalty.

"Meeting you was the happiest thing in my life, so I want to let you know that 【there is only one Eiffel Tower in the world, and you are my only one】, let my love accompany you for a lifetime and never be apart!"

#Every touching love story is a hard-won memory worth cherishing and collecting.




The "Ferris Wheel" is synonymous with romance.

Imagine riding on the Ferris Wheel with your loved one. As the Ferris Wheel slowly turns and rises, the people below us become smaller. The whole world seems to be centered on the two of us, becoming each other's dependence and gazing down at the beautiful city together.




Legend has it that if you kiss your lover when you reach the Ferris Wheel's highest point, you will be together forever.  Every box of the Ferris Wheel is full of happiness. When we look up at the Ferris Wheel, we are looking up at happiness. Happiness is as high as the Ferris Wheel.




~I want to ride the Ferris Wheel with you, to the place nearest to the sky, and pledge my neverending love to you.❤️



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