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    Carp's Leap to Dragon Gate

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    This artwork is crafted from a combination of high-quality papers and techniques.

    Paper : The paper-carving portion utilizes special paper imported from Germany, known for its exceptionally smooth and pleasant texture. It boasts excellent rigidity, fold resistance, and high wrinkle resistance. This series has been FSCTM certified.

    Process : Involves meticulous hand-drawing, high-tech laser engraving and cutting, and entirely manual assembly.

    Frame : Crafted from premium solid wood in a regal gold finish, ensuring durability and a sense of prestige without sacrificing elegance.

    As all our artwork are made mostly from paper,you need to follow order to take care for the product.

    1.Do not place in high temperature environment or in direct sunlight.

    2. Do not place in rainy, snowy or humid environment.

    3. Dust with lint-free cloth or vacuum lightly. Smudges may be removed by gently wiping the frame with a clean damp cloth.

    To ensure the safe transportation of our artworks, we have implemented high-quality protective measures. All of our artworks is meticulously packaged, using materials such as foam boards, sturdy cardboard, and bubble wrap, to guarantee that the artworks remain intact and undamaged during transit.

    Upon opening the package, you will not only discover a stunning piece from the Golden Series of paper carvings but also a special blessing card. This card carries unique symbolism and blessings, with the hope of bringing joy and good fortune to your life.

    We require 1-3 business days to prepare your order. Once completed, we will arrange shipment for your order.

    Delivery to West Malaysia takes 3-5 business days, while delivery to East Malaysia takes 7-14 business days.

    For delays caused by courier services, you can notify us or inquire with the third-party shipping company.

    Nationwide delivery.

    Delivery and delivery times are subject to the address. Know More

    There has long been a folklore about the carp's leap to the Dragon Gate. Legend has it that at the fords of the treacherous Yellow River, the water flow is so perilous that fish and turtles can't pass through. However, any fish that successfully leaps over this spot is said to transform into a dragon. Hence, this place is named the Dragon Gate. Many fish turn away from this challenging endeavor, but a brave red carp fearlessly attempts to leap over the Dragon Gate time and again until it finally succeeds, transforming into a dragon.

    Consequently, the legend holds an auspicious meaning, signifying that people have surmounted obstacles and achieved success. Especially in the context of education and career, it implies academic excellence, prosperity, and a transformation of destiny, symbolizing advancement and remarkable success. It also embodies the spirit of bravery and progress.

    In the painting, Golden Carp represents luck and wealth. The pronunciation of "鲤" is similar to the word "profit," suggesting great fortune and prosperity. It conveys the idea of abundant profits and an unstoppable flow of wealth. Additionally, it symbolizes enduring happiness, well-being, prosperity, family harmony, and good health.

    The overall design of the artwork portrays harmony between fish and water, attracting wealth and treasures, creating a lucky treasure basin. It is ideal for placement at home, enhancing auspicious Feng Shui, and attracting wealth and abundance. Placing it at the cashier's counter can be particularly effective, attracting prosperity, the support of benefactors, business opportunities, and overall prosperity and security.

    "Wealthy living begins with a paper carving artwork."

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