▲ In the realm of creation, having drive is more critical than talent. Because only when driven forward by motivation can we find the direction of our creation and achieve our goals.


●  Understand that while talent is indeed important, it is not the sole key  ● 

Motivation, the flame within us, is the source of our continuous exploration. It is precisely because of a strong motivation that we can persist in the face of difficulties, constantly surpass ourselves, and create more astonishing works.ㅤㅤㅤ


Today, I want to share our insights with you. I want to say that for newcomers stepping into the world of creation, motivation may be the most essential tool you need, because the stronger your motivation, the closer your goal will be. Do you understand what you want, what kind of artist you want to be, what is your inner passion for art, and are you curious about the unknown world of art? Do you love your work? We believe that whichever it is, it will be an indispensable driving force on our creative journey.

For us, the original intention of creation is to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture, using paper-cut art as a medium to combine tradition with modernity, presenting audiences with a brand-new artistic experience. We hope that through our creation, more people can understand and love paper-cut art, and that this traditional craft can be more widely disseminated and developed.

Moreover, our motivation is not only to create beautiful works but also to convey good meanings and blessings. Every creation is a manifestation of our love for life and our pursuit of beauty. We hope that our works can bring you joy and happiness, allowing you to feel endless warmth and beauty in the beautiful world of paper-cut art.

Let's use this picture of the Nine Carp as an example today. We chose to incorporate the Nine Carp into paper-cut art as a tribute to traditional culture, as well as to carry forward and promote its beautiful symbolism.

Our motivation is not only to create beautiful works but also to convey good meanings and blessings. The Nine Carp, as a mascot in Chinese traditional culture, symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Through the creation of the paper-cut Nine Carp picture, we hope that you can feel our respect and love for traditional culture, and we also look forward to conveying blessings and good wishes to people.

Therefore, let us set aside the pursuit of talent and listen carefully to the voice within our hearts, finding the true motivation for our creation. Driven by motivation, we will surely create our own artistic world and bring more beauty and inspiration to the world.