In my heart, we are not just creating paper sculptures; we are inheritors of traditional culture. We are committed to creating works that are timeless, embodying the elegant lifestyle aesthetics of the Orient. From design to quality, from craftsmanship to cultural connotation, we always uphold a reverence for tradition and a pursuit of beauty.

This traditional craft, through the carving and shaping of paper, vividly expresses the essence and aesthetics of Chinese traditional culture. This is precisely why I am so passionate about preserving this cultural heritage, especially the new Chinese-style paper sculpture culture.


▋Why New Chinese Style?

   『 We chose the new Chinese style because it is a form of spiritual art, blending traditional and modern, culture and innovation. It combines traditional Chinese cultural elements with contemporary fashion trends, presenting a unique aesthetic style. Every time I immerse myself in the atmosphere of the new Chinese-style paper sculpture culture, I feel a distinct sense of tranquility and beauty.

In each design, we infuse a profound understanding of traditional culture and an appreciation for modern aesthetics, striving to merge the old with the new, creating artworks with a unique Oriental charm.

Inheriting the new Chinese-style paper sculpture culture is not just about respecting history; it is an attitude towards life. It teaches us how to find balance in the fast-paced modern world and how to maintain inner peace in a complex society. By learning and preserving this culture, we can enhance our cultural literacy and make our lives richer and more meaningful. 』

​    『 However, preserving culture requires patience and perseverance. The spiritual power of new Chinese-style paper sculpture lies in its ability to remind us not to neglect the fulfillment of our spiritual world while pursuing material life. By passing on and promoting this culture, we can help more people appreciate and fall in love with this unique Oriental aesthetics, and pass on this cultural spirit to future generations.

​Therefore, we hope that our works are not just pieces of art but also representations of a lifestyle. They can adorn our living spaces and illuminate our spiritual world, allowing us to feel the charm of Oriental culture and experience the beauty and depth of life in our daily routines. 』

   『 Thus, we will continue to strive, innovate, and explore, contributing our efforts to the inheritance and development of traditional culture. I am willing to pass on this passion, "endless, pursuing perfection." We will put our hearts into our creations, allowing paper sculpture art to shine even more brightly in the new era, bringing people more artistic enjoyment and cultural experiences. 』