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Kamicarv is a fine art studio specializing in all kinds of paper carving artworks.

It incorporates originality and customization with advanced laser carving technology to infuse culture and vogue into each creation, transforming them into extraordinary works of art.
We consider ourselves lucky to be who we are and to do what we love to do, so we want to manifest our passion for life through our artworks.
You will find through our artworks that a lot of our inspirations come from our hearts' perception of the ideal person and things that we pursue in our lives. 
We are very blessed to be able to discover infinite beauty in our lives' journey. 
For us, each piece of paper carving art is a work of heart.
The creation of paper carving artworks itself is synonymous to the understanding of life, as well as the pursuit of cultural and tasteful lifestyles.    

The 3D designs which stimulate our visual sensory system are indeed unique and exude boundless charm. On top of that, high-quality paper of different materials and natural textures are put together to create endless possibilities.

Therefore, each piece of paper artwork; carved with affection and care, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We uphold minimalism in our venture to bravely break through the conventional carving and cutting techniques in order to innovate and create "irregular rules" for a unique brand effect.

We aspire to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers through our creations. Along the journey, we are immensely delighted to find like-minded people who share the same joy in the art of paper carving as we do.

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