▲ When we talk about input and output, it's easy to confine it to the realm of work or creativity. However, in reality, our lives themselves are a continuous process of input and output.


『 In my daily creative process, the input and output every day are extremely important 』

I enjoy recording and writing, adhering to the original intention of recording my thoughts and ideas. These inputs come from my thirst for various knowledge and my love for life, while the output is my reflection and creation based on these knowledge and life experiences. To better record my original intention and produce more valuable texts, it's essential to read more and read good books in daily life. Let me share how I transform the bits and pieces of life and inspiration from books into good outputs.



     『 Firstly, every morning, I set aside some time for reading. During the reading process, I continuously record my insights and thoughts. At the same time, I also spend some time reading the news, browsing social media, and exploring various online content. Remember, the most important aspect of knowledge learning is absorption and application. Knowledge must be put into practice.

I usually enjoy reading various books, from literature to science, from history to psychology. Each book not only broadens my horizons but also gives me endless inspiration for creation. For example, a book about Malaysian traditional culture allowed me to deeply appreciate the unique charm of Malay culture. I incorporated it into my paper-cut artwork, using a unique perspective to present the rich connotations of Malay culture. Thus, I created a delicate and special paper-cut artwork of the traditional Malay stilt house, "Rumah Tok Su" (in Alor Setar).

Undoubtedly, finding the right input and quality information is essential. Everything around you will affect your every day, so I carefully select inputs that are helpful to me and can improve myself. 』

     『 Sometimes, I also feel eager to share my values, beliefs, and thoughts with others. I deeply understand that sharing is not only a form of communication but also an exchange and inspiration. Therefore, I transform my in-depth thoughts on a topic into a blog post to convey them to others in written form. In this process, I can not only express my viewpoints and insights but also engage in in-depth discussions and exchanges with others.

For me, practicing writing is an important way of output. Through writing, I can truthfully present my thoughts and emotions, allowing others to understand my inner world. To better output, continuous good input is needed. Reading is an important way for me to acquire knowledge and inspiration, while thinking is the process of transforming these knowledge and inspiration into words. 』

     『 Therefore, when it comes to daily input and output, I have to mention one of my favorite tools: Notion. Notion is a powerful note-taking and collaboration application that provides me with an efficient way to record, organize, and manage my study notes and creative ideas.

Through Notion, I can easily create various types of note pages, including text, images, links, embedded multimedia content, etc. I can organize notes on different topics into different pages or databases, allowing me to easily search and review the content I have recorded anytime and anywhere. It enables me to systematically organize and review the knowledge I have learned. 』

     『 In daily input and output, I have discovered an important truth: good input determines good output. By continuously absorbing new information and experiences, I can enrich my creative materials and perspectives, thereby producing more abundant and valuable works. Therefore, I will continue to maintain sensitivity and curiosity towards various forms of input, striving to transform these inputs into meaningful outputs, and infuse more vitality and inspiration into my creative career. 』