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    Deposit For Framed 3D Car Paper Carving Artwork【Car Front + Car Rear + Car Side】108cm X 49cm X 2cm

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    Everyone has their own dreams. Sometimes reality always blocks us from realizing our dreams, thus losing the motivation to chase our dreams. The creative idea of the Dream Vision Board is to save the frame of the dream, so that you can be more motivated to realize your dream. Visualize your dreams in a place you can see every day, always remind yourself not to give up your dreams, and achieve your goals through the attraction of positive energies.

    Psychological research has confirmed that visualizing an image of something can activate the corresponding area in the brain. Visualizing goals every day makes it easier to realize dreams! Just a glance when you want to see will give you energy! With a purpose in life, life is full of hope! !

    Let us frame your most important dream into the most unique dream board in the world in the most unique way.

    The piece is assembled from a variety of high-quality papers and techniques.

    Paper carving part:
    Special paper imported from Germany - high-quality acid-free paper, which is characterized by a particularly smooth and pleasant touch. Has good stiffness and bending resistance, high wrinkle resistance. This series has been certified by FSCTM.

    Background blueprint:
    Hahnemuhle 310 Matte Fine Art Paper, a collection-grade German imported art paper, is used (very good aging resistance, and the indoor shelf life can reach decades).

    Photo frame:
    High-grade solid wood photo frame, exclusive brand name: metal texture two-color plate. Laser engraving on the surface. The black part is where the carving is made.

    From the consultation to the confirmation of the artwork, the designer starts to calculate the time to design your work. The work will be completed within about 1 month to 1 and half months. After the customer is satisfied, the delivery will be arranged.

    Shipping rates are subject to change based on the region and state of the shipping address.

    West Malaysia shipping will be around RM15. If it is [front + side + rear], it will be RM20.

    East Malaysia shipping will be around RM45. If it is [front + side + rear] it will be RM60

    It is currently a limited-time promotion during the company's new product launch event. During the event, as long as you register as our customer, you can 【FREE】 get a silver membership, enjoy a 10% discount, get the latest monthly paper art information, and enjoy the company's irregular paper art culture exhibitions, lectures, etc.

    Owning a dream car is a lifelong pursuit for many people. It is a car lover's dream to have a large garage full of their own cars. Considering time, money, and reality, it is difficult to achieve in reality, but you and I can hang the car you have owned on the wall.

    Kamicarv combines paper carving art with high-tech laser cutting technology, patiently depicts and carefully assembles only for your dreams to be presented in the exquisite and three-dimensional of paper carving art, frame the dream car on the dream vision board, and pass the positive The attraction between the energies to achieve your goals is placed where you can see it every day.

    Key product features

    Display a paper carved artwork with your dreams and memories in your life, and show your family and friends your desire for dreams, your cherishing of memories, and your pursuit of life taste.

    The various parts of the car are made with one stroke and one drawing combined with high-tech laser engraving and cutting technology, and then carefully assembled into paper carving and mounting by hand.

    Turn the three-dimensional into paper carving art without losing the three-dimensional sense. Bringing the concept of the model into the work, the restrained markings and the data below can highlight the meaning of clear goals. Finally, put a small nameplate engraved with the owner's name and date.

    Metallic and lightweight special nameplate, the metallic two-color plate will not fade or oxidize. Incorporate it into a paper carving artwork to create a masterpiece which just for you.

    Continuing with the subject of structure and smooth shopping flow.

    Solid wood photo frames and paper with good wrinkle and fold resistance can keep works for a longer shelf life.

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