In this fast-paced era, we all yearn for things that can touch our hearts, items that can freeze precious memories and express deep emotions. Today, I would like to share with you a piece of art brimming with sentiment and significance《 a delicate paper carving artwork 》

Eternal Symbol: Portraits and Architecture in Paper Carving Art

This special paper carving piece was custom-made by police officers to commemorate the tour of duty of the Perak State Police Chief at the Ipoh Police Headquarters. It is not just a tribute to the Chief's spirit of dedication but also a recognition of his exceptional contributions to the police force.

The artwork depicts the Ipoh Police Headquarters, an architectural icon steeped in historical significance, having witnessed countless trials and societal changes. The figure portrayed is Dato' Sri Mohd Yusri bin Haji Hassan Basri, the Perak State Police Chief, admired for his bravery and dedication.

This paper carving artwork is more than just a decorative item; it is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This combination not only records his contributions to the community but also permanently preserves his image alongside the century-long history of the police headquarters. Such a blend is both artistic and rich in commemorative significance, undoubtedly becoming a cherished collectible that deeply moves hearts and leaves a profound impression.


Exquisite Design

In designing this paper carving artwork, we paid meticulous attention to every detail, aiming to faithfully capture the architectural style of the Ipoh Police Headquarters, with its over 100 years of history.

Through multi-layered paper cutting and stacking, we successfully presented the architectural depth and details. Every line, every window underwent meticulous carving, ensuring a lifelike overall effect. This gift not only preserves the bygone years but also signifies reverence and perpetuation of history and contributions.


Customized Masterpiece

This artwork is not just a paper carving piece; it is a specially customized, one-of-a-kind gift. Whether presented as a memento to the Police Chief or preserved as a testament to history, it holds profound significance.

Through this artwork, the police officers aim to convey their respect for the Perak State Police Chief and all police personnel, as well as their respect and commemoration of history. This paper carving artwork not only replicates the building itself but also pays tribute to the Perak State Police Chief and his team, allowing viewers to experience deep emotions and significance while appreciating the art.


One-of-a-Kind Artwork

Through this unique artistic form, we hope the Chief feels that this gift not only records his work but also expresses profound respect for his years of dedication.

Whenever he looks at this artwork, he will feel the officers' deep affection and blessings, recalling the wonderful times they shared. We hope this one-of-a-kind gift becomes a cherished memory throughout the Chief's life. Additionally, we hope everyone who appreciates this artwork can feel the genuine emotions and profound significance it carries.