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    Paper Boat of Dreams

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    This gorgeous item showcases a beautiful image by painstakingly pasting pieces of intricately carved luxurious paper layer by layer to create a 3D effect.

    This delicately carved paper creates the most beautiful imagery and comes in a minimalist frame design, ready to grace your space.

    Materials: Imported premium quality paper and wooden frame.

    Paper Size: 25 x 25 centimeters

    Frame Width: 27 centimeters

    Frame Height: 27 centimeters

    Frame Depth: 6 centimeters

    We need 1-3 working days to prepare the product you ordered. We will arrange shipping for your order when it is done.

    Item delivery takes 3- 5 working to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia. 

    We are not responsible for delays caused by courier service.

    Nationwide delivery.

    Delivery and shipping time are based on the recipient's address. Know More

        The little and fragile paper boat has a very deep meaning: it is a carrier that takes your hopes anywhere to achieve your aspirations. Like life, where everything has an end, the paper boat won't float forever because eventually it will sink. And like life, the paper boat is fragile and can be easily destroyed, so the boatman must navigate and steer its course with care and quick wit. Lotus plants provide shelter and protection along the journey to ensure the paper boat arrives at its destination safely.

        The paper boat is a representation of how we undertake the ups and downs in our real life journey. Ultimately, there is only one thing that keeps us moving forward unfalteringly; and that is Hope. A hope that we will soon reach our destination, where our dreams will come true. Sometimes, we will meet kind and generous people who will assist and protect us along the way. Hence, the paper boat is synonymous to a beacon of Hope!

    Key product features

    Novel style, fine workmanship and meaningful. It is the symbol of auspicious, joy and happiness.

    Transform any space into a beautiful, inspiring environment with our enduringly popular paper carving artwork.

    Modern laser carving techniques and manual assembly are incorporated to bring out the inspirations and heartwarming stories of each artwork.

    As a tasteful decoration item to enhance the ambience of any space be it work, play or home.

    Customizable tag for your own personalized message.

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