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    A Fairy Tale Romance

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    Each piece of paper cut sculpture lightbox portrays a beautiful love story, which is unique and original in its own way. The moment your true love appears, show her how much you treasure her.

    This artistic solid wooden frame with overlapping paper carvings lightbox represents the depth of true love.

    The moment she opens the box, her heart is instantly brightened by your sincere intentions, constantly reminding her of you.

    This is indeed a magical box containing happiness that will brighten up your life. 

    Dimension of Box: 20cm x 10cm x 20cm

    Colour: White

    Box material: Wooden

    Light source: LED

    Light color: Warm Yellow (pictured)

    Power supply: USB cable

    The product is a finished product, no assembly is required.

    Jewellery: Individually customized alphabet bracelet 

    Design: Korean

    Style: Couple

    Quality of precious metal: 925 Silver

    Length: 23cm

    Limited to 2-4 alphabets only

    We need 1-3 working days to prepare the product you ordered. We will arrange shipping for your order when it is done.

    Item delivery takes 3- 5 working to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia. 

    We are not responsible for delays caused by courier service.

    Nationwide delivery.

    Delivery and shipping time are based on the recipient's address. Know More

    Every young girl dreams of a fairy tale romance, dreaming that she is a princess and hoping that prince charming will appear in front of her one day. 

    Actually, fairy tales do exist. It's just that the prince neither always wears a suit, nor does he ride a handsome white horse. In real life, your prince is the one always smiling and standing not far away, waiting for you to notice him.

    In fact, the happiest fairy tale in the world is how lovers survive through thick and thin together and share the ups and downs of life.  However dire the situation is, I will still stick by your side to accompany you.

    Key product features

    Handmade wooden jewellery box as a heart-warming token of love

    The paper carving lightbox comes in various love themes, representing love's multifaceted beauty and joys. This is undoubtedly an extraordinary and beautifully carved artwork

    It can be used as a warm bedside night light or a unique bedroom decor to light up your life.

    Customizable alphabets' bracelet for your love.

    More Features

    Handmade wooden jewellery box as heart-warming taken of love.

    The paper-cut lightbox is available in a variety of love themes.

    Multilayered so that the lighting gives off a dreamy soft glow.

    Bracelet concept is Korean fashion accessory.

    A love story so romantic that it feels like a fairy tale.

    More than just functional, it is also decorative and comes in lovely packaging. It's ready to be gifted!

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