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    This gorgeous item showcases a beautiful image by painstakingly pasting pieces of intricately carved luxurious paper layer by layer to create a 3D effect.

    This delicately carved paper creates the most beautiful imagery and comes in a minimalist frame design, ready to grace your space.

    Materials: Imported premium quality paper and wooden frame.

    Paper Size: 25 x 25 centimeters

    Frame Width: 27 centimeters

    Frame Height: 27 centimeters

    Frame Depth: 6 centimeters

    We need 1-3 working days to prepare the product you ordered. We will arrange shipping for your order when it is done.

    Item delivery takes 3- 5 working to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia. 

    We are not responsible for delays caused by courier service.

    Nationwide delivery.

    Delivery and shipping time are based on the recipient's address. Know More

        In this world of modernization, we lead a hectic life in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan. We live in concrete jungles instead of natural forests. Apart from that, we breathe in air that is heavily polluted. Besides the burden and demands of materialistic lifestyle, we are also troubled by our depressing surroundings, dirty rivers and oceans, as well as annoying sound pollution that persists 24/7.

        How I wish to escape this horrible place we call home with my beloved pet, and find peace and tranquility in a faraway place where flora and fauna are still untouched and thrive in abundance. I want to see green lush tropical forest that refreshes and cleanses the spirit, clean and crystal clear ocean that relaxes the mind, warm sunshine that brightens up the clear blue sky and nourishes the soul. And catch the amazing sight of a leaping whale that symbolizes family, longevity, harmony, travel, and protection. It is a special healing place where I truly want to go, leaving all my worries behind and without a care in the world. Just my best companion and I, in this place I call Paradise...

    Key product features

    Novel style, fine workmanship and meaningful. It is the symbol of auspicious, joy and happiness.

    Transform any space into a beautiful, inspiring environment with our enduringly popular paper carving artwork.

    Modern laser carving techniques and manual assembly are incorporated to bring out the inspirations and heartwarming stories of each artwork.

    As a tasteful decoration item to enhance the ambience of any space be it work, play or home.

    Customizable tag for your own personalized message.

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